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Thus, to achieve the decoupling of the sender and recipient are used one or more queue system software download where shippers can put messages or which recipients can read messages. Such a server can manage multiple queues simultaneously or multiple messages simultaneously transmitted through organized thread queue sender receiverin pools of threads. A single process can send messages to multiple queues, each queue can be interrogated one or more recipients. Identification is based on names tails fig... A server queue must fulfill several functions.

Due to the high degree of asynchronous and release technologies

Must be able to receivemessages from senders and to confirm receipt of messages. Must put the message queue specified by fig... Server message queues. Sender. You have to leave messages in the queue until the recipient reads them can be sent more messages until the recipient reads them. Messages are extracted queue management software from recipients on a first-in first-out fifo. When a recipient requests a message, the oldest message will be forwarded to the addressee, and once the message was successfully received by the recipient will be deleted from the queue. Due to the high degree of asynchronous and release technologies based middle ware message queues can be used to solve a variety of problems. 

Next will be listed several instances where such technologies can be used:- the sender does not require an answer; only wants to send a message and to continue work; this communication model is called forward and forget send-and-forget;- the sender does not need an immediate response to a message request; is recipient may need a few minutes to process the request and the sender can perform other tasks during this time;- the recipient or sender connection between it and may not work all the time; sender in this case relying on middle ware to deliver the message recipient when you can establish communication with it. Most often use a simple message queues is not sufficient, requiring guarantees and performance that cannot be provided by a normal message queue.

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Further such characteristics will be discussed...delivering messages most email delivery software systems must be guaranteed. The sender must be sure that the message will reach the recipient. For example, if it is considered a financial system that processes transactions for credit cards, when a credit card holder makes a payment that that payment can be made in a queue will be processed later. If the hardware is hosted queue that breaks down if the information about the transaction is not coadacoadaserver queues sender senderrecovered will not achieve pay to shop. Such a system cannot tolerate the loss of messages is necessary to ensure messages. Increased reliability view demo with which messages are delivered can only be achieved with poor performance. Therefore, most be often achieved by balancing between reliability and performance messages are delivered. 

Usually a message queue provides three levels of reliability- reds- effort messages are stored in the memory only with a risk that messages be lost if a system queue management software free download failure or communication network;- persistent- messages are stored both in memory and on disk, they can reach the recipient even if it seems a system failure or communication network;-- messages can be grouped transactions all or nothing. There have been a number of studies carried out to measure the difference in terms of performance between the three levels of reliability. Thus, depending on the technology may notice a decrease in performance betweenandwhen going from the low effort to the persistence. Between the persistence and transaction there is not much difference...transactions typically transaction message queues are built over those that support persistence. In this case messages operations are closely linked to application code, thus forming a transaction that messages are not delivered until the application sender commit transaction.